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Guiding your business and clients to success

When you join TenFifty you gain access to expertise and tools to improve efficiencies within your advice practice, and grow your business and confidence as a professional. We focus our support in four key areas.


We understand your clients are as unique as your business. TenFifty provides you with fit-for-purpose quality advice monitoring and supervision to help you feel more confident about your advice.

Adviser Guidance don't have to be complicated to be comprehensive. At TenFifty we take pride in making guidance easy for you so that you and your team can focus more on clients.

Case study

Advice auditing

Working together to develop better processes


Advisers expressed concerns about the complexity of meeting best interests duty obligations.


We put additional Advice Monitoring resources and processes in place to help advisers and provided additional resources and coaching on best interests duty for both advisers and practice support staff.


We've received positive feedback from advisers around the simplicity of the reporting and the way we are now working together to achieve results and provide them with timely coaching.


From time to time, you will need a partner to guide you, especially through periods of change. Whether you're planning to grow your business through a merger or acquisition, or transform it in other ways, TenFifty's coaches and consultants can help develop and execute plans for the future.

From business planning to succession planning, we have the expertise, tools and resources to help you.

Case study

Succession planning

Transitioning equity and knowledge to future generations


A large regional financial advice business had grown their revenue significantly, but the current shareholders wanted to sell and transition equity to two younger advisers in the business.


We helped the owners understand the value of succession planning, and workshopped the options with the practice owners, including how to value their business, and legal structures and agreements.


Introducing two younger owners has enabled the business to grow its revenue and invest in greater corporatisation. The business now has a documented succession plan for the next 10 years, which will allow the owners to retire, and help ensure clients continue to be looked after.


To provide your clients with an outstanding service, you need to stay on top of your game. TenFifty makes this simple for you. We have the expertise and resources to keep you up-to-date with industry, regulatory and technical knowledge so you can continue to provide quality advice.

From expert strategic advice coaching to education pathways, we offer professional development for everyone in a practice, from advisers to support staff.

Case study

Professional Standards

Guiding advisers through FASEA


The government established FASEA in 2017 to raise the bar on education, ethical standards and professionalism in the industry. For some advisers this meant significant change over a short period of time.


We established a dedicated Adviser Education Helpline. We created a comprehensive program to help advisers prepare for FASEA's Financial Adviser Exam, including the ability to practice under exam-like conditions. We also announced a partnership with three education providers to offer advisers approved courses with a range of support, benefits and discounts to complete their Education Pathway.


Since establishing the Helpline, the team has resolved more than 600 queries (as at January 2020). The feedback from advisers has been positive, with many commenting that they felt more prepared for the Financial Adviser Exam.


Our advisers value the voice and camaraderie of peers to sustain them through the challenging periods and celebrate during the good times. At TenFifty we'll provide you and your team with opportunities to connect, learn and grow with like-minded peers and network with some of the best minds in the industry.

Online or face-to-face, you can choose how to engage with others in your network.

What advisers have said about our events

"It was great having the education partners there. I was about to speak to Kaplan about my study (currently studying through them) and confirm some information I needed. I think education, FDS/fee information, legislation changes as well as practical application in our business sessions need to continually be included in PD Days. It's challenging as Advisers to keep up with everything and to have it explained, and practical application showed at PD days is really valuable."

A great selection of

"A great selection of speakers and understanding of the personal issues that come within the industry itself and how it can be addressed. My first event since starting and it felt more comforting to have content that caters for the care of advisers and what is currently happening in our industry. Thank you."

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