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Sarah McDonald from Lifetime Solutions

21st May 2020

  • TenFifty: A new community built on Partnerships

    [Sarah McDonald, Principle & Founder, Lifetime Solutions] "Hi, I'm Sarah McDonald, I'm the Principle and Financial Planner at Lifetime Solutions. We're a financial planning practice based in Wangaratta, north-east Victoria. Recruitment is a big issue for us, which I think it is for lots of regional businesses. I've been impacted by the education changes, my business partner, not so much, as she's about 10 years younger, and actually has a financial planning degree. Partnering with TenFifty will help us meet our challenges and goals in the next few years. I've found it great, I've been able to tap into the licensee. They've basically done the auditing of different providers for me, given me a shortlist, and actually negotiated some really reasonable rates. So I've tapped into that, and I'm now starting. I've done the FASEA exam and passed, yay, and I'm just starting my bridging courses through one of the licensee-recommended, as really, the price was so competitive."

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