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Mark Connell from Up Wealth Management

21st May 2020

  • TenFifty: A new community built on Partnerships

    [Mark Connell, Managing Director, Up Wealth Management] "I got into advice because I'm interested in people. I've always been curious about people and just like people. So this is my 20th year in advice, as an advisor. I've been with the licensee for five years now. So one of the great things about the licensee is we've got access to the key people that make decisions. So been talking with the head of advice and professionalism in regards to placing our support person through that program and how that may work. There's also the revenue collections and payment system that works really well, we've benefited from the Connect for Growth program where we've been able to look at other businesses within the group, and when we're looking to grow through acquisition, that's worked well for us. Other things client management system, access to research, etc. We've had the opportunity of going into other advice businesses, seeing what they're doing day to day, how they run meetings, how they use technology. And we've taken that away and embedded that into our business to provide greater client experiences."

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