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Adam van de Water from Brava Financial Services

21st May 2020

  • TenFifty: A new community built on Partnerships

    [Adam van de Water, Director & Owner, Brava Financial Services] "Okay, our business Brava Financial Services has been going for over 20 years now. We have a values based approach to helping our clients which they value. And we've really enjoyed that journey with them over this time, but we're really looking forward to the future in terms of partnering with the TenFifty, in the licensee. We had a few compliance challenges through 2019, in terms of just getting the right processes and systems in place to have great outcomes for our clients. So after our compliance audit recently, we had a post team huddle, facilitated by the licensee team. We included our practice development manager, practice implementer, Xplan coach and compliance coach, we found invaluable, in terms of re engineering our processes and that led to some much better client and advice outcomes and a lot happier team, in terms of delivering that advice."

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